September 29, 2014   1 note

Garden of the Gods, Snake Pits, V2.

..dat ass.

September 29, 2014
I’m rich fuck this.

I’m rich fuck this.

September 21, 2014   3 notes

Manchester Orchestra- Girl Habor (HOPE)

September 15, 2014   1 note

What kind of music do you like? 

September 13, 2014


Do I wear my USA Quick jersey, or my vanwear EOD fundraiser shirt today…while I tour the Olympic training center with the EODWF? Some of life’s greatest questions.

September 10, 2014
September 8, 2014   1 note

A$AP Rocky- Goldie

September 6, 2014   1 note
Getting behind the lens again.

Getting behind the lens again.

September 5, 2014


September 3, 2014   4 notes

Goodnight, Fair Lady- Coheed and Cambria (Acoustic/Live)

August 31, 2014

Climb rocks.

August 30, 2014   12 notes
20 miles of fun with Beverly. 

20 miles of fun with Beverly. 

August 25, 2014   2 notes

Ooh La La ( Faces cover) - Manchester Orchestra

August 18, 2014
August 16, 2014   1 note

I’ll belay you, if you belay me.

Looking for a climbing buddy who can belay, mine has gone off to Ny with no plans to return.

I don’t do any outdoor climbing, although I’d love to. Typically just climb at City Rock. Kinda want to go to Graduation Boulder soon tho.